Chicago Plays

Cell Block Tango

Costume Designer

Alexa Torres

Classy Vibes
-Lawyer vibes with money
Girl next door
Pure seen as bad women


When creating this vision board I started with the color. In this scene Cell block Tango, I pictured the women in all  Black. This Music selection as Tango gave the Actresses the opportunity to use the art form of their body and the sdeuction of the msuic. The music is smooth, affectionate, and intense. This genre of dance is intimate. The theme I wanted was S&M, Black Latex, body suits, and lingerie. The shoes are thigh high’s or Mid high heels with the laces in the front of the shoe or black leather or Patent Leather. Expect for Katalin, her energy is fragile, elegant, and ballerina. The shoes are dancing 3 inch heels that resonates the 1920’s flapper look. When Atlantic city comes to mind, I think of the board walks, salt water taffy, casinos and the 70’s. Giving me inspiration from BEACHES. For Annie I wanted big hair, Red (copper), flowing . How the husband died, was ruthless , bold, lion style baby!!

June having short hair to frame her face and curling the baby hairs in the front. Her style is a two piece outfit, This give the opportunity to show off her muscle exterior. Oiling her body to illuminate each curve. Liz having long hair, free and waves. her look consist of mid high heel boots and a whip. This gives an idea who was dominant and who was the submissive in that relationship. Mona the artist, she views the world in a dark humor. She was light and had darkness. Her outfits had to be black that was graceful. Two piece set, that has sock connected by a harness; Using different materical and using lace(Light) material. Velma is old Hollywood, her hair is short, with bangs and bob that frames the face. Her outfits deserved a long silk robe. She is the head Woman. Who runs the show

Each outfit was constucted for each person and how their energy radiates.

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